Supervolcanoes has published several editorials over the past few years with concerns over super volcanoes causing catastrophic Earth changes in 2012. Below are some excerpts and links:

“The super eruptions can cause massive calamity devastating all vegetations and farming in the earth causing massive starvation and hunger. According to some geologists, the next one is due around 2012 based on that 74,000 year cycle. Many are pointing towards Yellow Stone National Park in America where Earth’s crust is wafer thin in geological scale.” Source: IndiaDaily – March 10th, 2005 Editorial

“Simultaneous Terrestrial and Solar polar reversals can cause super volcano in 2012 – Hawaiian Islands, Indonesia, Iceland and Yellowstone probable hot spots.” Source: IndiaDaily – April 5th, 2005 Editorial

“Underwater UFOs changing the changing the under ocean landscapes to avoid 2012 mega volcano catastrophe.” Source: IndiaDaily – July 15th, 2006 Editorial

“Scientists are blaming the Polar reversal and these will continue till 2012. Very rarely the Sun and the Earth simultaneously reverses polarity. That is exactly what is happening now. When this happens catastrophes happen in the earth. If history is a guide of anything, these earthquakes and volcanoes will continue to increase till 2012.” Source: IndiaDaily – November 28th, 2006 Editorial

“Toba in Sumatra a candidate for super volcano in 2012 – increasing harmonic tremors have started after the Tsunami two years back.” Source: IndiaDaily – January 6th, 2007

“Scientists are worried about the weakening crusts because of these innumerable terrestrial and extraterrestrial UFO bases. The manifestation of weakened crust under the ocean as well as surface of the earth can be catastrophic. Massive earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis can engulf the whole world in 2012.” Source: IndiaDaily – August 6th, 2007 Editorial

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