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Doom Approaches! Raise Your Awareness!

Multiple unrelated sources all point to major events occurring in 2012 which will greatly impact our planet and existence. The purpose of this site is to provide information regarding the various predictions which have been made and to raise the awareness of the general public of the possibilities involved.

Each microsecond brings us closer to the event horizon. We must analyze the situation and prepare ourselves for the eventualities! The author and contributors of this site are tasked with exploring all possibilities and presenting the information in a way which will allow the readers to form their own opinions. Many of the posts will be “living documents” to which new information will continually be added as it is obtained, verified, and released.

The Mayan calander ends on December 21st, 2012; The same date as the Winter Solstice when Earth will be in galactic alignment with the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Timewave Zero drops off of the Singularity of Novelty scale on 12/21/2012. Solar events such as the solar maximum, sunspot activity, and solar pole reversals will happen in 2012. These are all calculated and verifiable facts.

Comets, meteors, and earthquakes are predicted. Super Volcanoes are theorized as a possible source of doom for 2012. Some believe that the biblical revelations will occur in 2012 as war in the middle-east ushers in the return of Christ.

Coincidences point to the manipulation of public opinion and the steady, slow preparation of the public for the acceptance of alien life and eventual visitation. The mass-media has already begun campaigns to raise the awareness of the world to the changes which will be occurring in 2012.

An undercurrent among many new-age prophets has directed power to the belief that a dimensional or density shift will occur on Dec. 21st, 2012. This shift will move the Earth and it’s inhabitants into an age of variable physicality which may include the instant manifestation of desire.

Knowledge is your greatest weapon. Understanding what can occur will give you an advantage in a time when confusion will reign supreme. There are forces in play which go beyond the simple answers that are presented for the simple-minded.

Raise your awareness by reviewing the information in the topics in the menu to your left! DOOM approaches! Will you be prepared?