Electro-Magnetic Quantum Wave

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The Cassiopaeans, who are beings channelled through a human conduit and spirit board, state that an electro-magnetic quantum wave is on a 309,000 year cycle which is spiralling back toward Earth and will reach us in approximately 2012.

Earth currently exists in the 3rd density and does not normally detect the 4th density of existence. The wave will shift the Earth into the 4th density. The 4th density exists outside of linear time, allows for variable physicality, and the instant gratification of desires.

There is a secret human government preparing for the density shift. It often swells the ranks of its army by claiming soldiers from deaths in wars and military actions. This secret government is responsible for some abductions and have approximately 1% of the population mentally programmed to take action when necessary.

Reptillian aliens that exist in the 4th density which currently feed off of our 3rd density negative emotions and sexual energies will attempt to rule over us immediately following the density shift. There are 4th density alien bases present on Earth. Due to the aliens’ freedom from the restrictions of linear time, nearly all humans have been either physically or ethereally abducted at some point in their lifetime with most having no memory of the event.

(Source: cassiopaea.org)

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