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New Level of Human Consciousness

Postmordern Times has put together an attractive and cool video using animations and Daniel Pinchbeck‘s theories.

“..there seems to be an incredible upsurge of synchronicities. So, if you begin to have an intention about something, you can get a quicker level of manifestation.”

“..we are on the cusp of a breaththough to a new form or level of human consciousness..”

“..this period leading up to 2012 is a kind of window of opportunity to catalyze transformation of global consciousness..”
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Origins & Oracles

Michael Tsarion, the author of Atlantis, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation presents his beliefs of Atlantean domination of Lemurian descendants, the photon belt, and a shift of consciousness due to occur in 2012.

Below is a 3 hour and 24 minute diatribe by Mr. Tsarion from The Granada Forum in Los Angeles from 2006 where he discusses secret societies, prophecies of doom, 2012, and the future of mankind:
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